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  • Have any symptoms of COVID19 such as high temperature, new/continuous cough, loss or change to sense of smell or taste etc.

  • If you have travelled outside of the UK in the last 14 days and need to quarantine

  • If you are awaiting COVID19 test results

  • If you have been in close proximity or contact with somebody who has tested positive for COVID19


What happens if I miss my class due to covid?

The same T&C’s apply before Covid19, we cannot provide any refunds for missed classes. We will however try and accommodate missed classes where possible, but this cannot be guaranteed.

What happens if I have to self isolate?

We ask that you self isolate for the period of time you have been recommended to and not to attend class. This is to ensure the safety of our staff and other people attending the programmes. Where possible, classes can be made up.

What if I’m awaiting test results?

We ask you not to attend class until you have been cleared and safe to attend. Again this is to ensure the safety of others. Where possible, classes can be made up.

What if the venue is closed for a deep clean?

We must comply with all of our centres own regulations in that classes may not be able to run until the centre is open again. Classes will be made up where possible to ensure the programme is completed.

Can I still bring children to classes?

To help limit numbers and again to help reduce the risk of infection, we ask that you only bring children where necessary. Children of school age are not permitted at this time.

If I do bring my child where do they go?

Children attending Bodyfit Mums are the Sole responsibility of the participant bringing them. This will include to ensure that all children stay within their designated area at all times.

Where can I find the Bodyfit Mums measures and guidelines that have been put in place?

This can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

What if I book onto the programme and it doesn't start due to COVID-19/lockdown?

A full refund will be provided. You may then consider trying Bodyfit Mums at Home online programmes.


I’m not due until next year, can I put my name down?

Yes, you can register your interest by filling in the form at the bottom of the homepage, Phase One page and Upcoming Groups page and the system will email you when a class is added that matches your requirements.

How do I book a place in a Phase One group?

Choose your location and programme date in the Upcoming Groups page, you will then pay a non refundable 50% deposit. An account will be created for you in which you need to complete the online medical and declaration form before the start date of the programme.

Can I pay cash instead?

If you can’t pay via the online system we do accept cash, however you will need to get in contact with Bodyfit Mums directly.

Do I have to bring my baby to the programmes?

No it’s completely optional. The option is there to allow mums to be able to exercise without worrying about childcare.

Can I bring my other children, as well as my baby?

Yes - Bodyfit Mums enables you to participate in exercise programmes & classes without worrying about childcare for all your children! However, you must inform Bodyfit Mums on your declaration forms (made available after checkout). Bodyfit Mums takes no responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of children throughout the programme.

What happens if my baby cries?

It’s inevitable that at some point your baby will cry or be restless, we don’t expect them to be quiet for the entire 6 weeks, so don’t panic! To ensure you get the best out of your training, the instructor will help to push prams or adhere to upset babies whilst still coaching! As mums ourselves we understand what it’s like to have your hands full!

Can I bring toys, bouncers, play mats, food etc.?

Feel free to bring anything you need to keep the little ones entertained!

Can I stop to feed my baby? Is breastfeeding welcome?

Most definitely! Bodyfit Mums is a breastfeeding friendly zone and always will be! Babies need feeding so you can just join in after they’ve finished!

Phase One

When can I start Phase One after having my baby?

The recommended guidelines are 6 weeks after a natural delivery and 12 weeks after a caesarean section with GP clearance.

How many mums are in each group; can you take on more?

We keep it to maximum of 8 mums to ensure you still get that 1 on 1 feeling whilst training.

What happens If I miss a session?

We will try to slot you into another group to make up a session if possible, however due to the progressive stages of the programme this may not always be possible.

Do I have to get my measurements & pictures taken in Phase One, who will see them?

It is completely optional to get these taken, although it is highly recommended to do so! It’s amazing to see how far you come in 6 weeks. These will be added to your own personal online account so only you will see them!

I’m not fit or I have never been to the gym before, will I be able to do the programme?

Yes of course! Phase One is specifically designed to cater for all fitness and ability levels. It includes a full technique session in week 1 to ensure everyone knows how to move safely and effectively. The programme progressively builds in intensity as the weeks go by and all workouts are modified for every mum and their own fitness levels.

Phase Two

Can I go straight into Phase Two without doing Phase One?

No. The programmes have been designed to progressively get harder from week 1 of Phase one to week 6 of Phase Two. So everyone must start with Phase One in order to complete core retraining, perfect techniques and increase fitness levels before commencing Phase Two.

How can I book Phase Two?

During week 4 of Phase One, the system will automatically notify you that Phase Two places are now available to purchase via your online account.


I have Diastasis Recti (DR), can I still participate in Phase One and Phase Two?

The programmes have been specifically designed to cater for, and in fact help restore and strengthen the core of, mums who have DR. Modifications will be applied to suit every individual and their needs throughout both programmes.

I have a pelvic organ prolapse, can I still participate?

We strongly advise any mum to see their GP or specialist physiotherapist if they think they may have a pelvic organ prolapse. This is to ensure that they are properly diagnosed and managed appropriately. The programme is suitable for those who have mild-moderate prolapse with the focus on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. As always, exercises will be modified to suit individual needs as appropriate.

Can I start before the recommended guidelines?

Every mum’s recovery process is different, but GP clearance is always recommended especially if the participant wants to start slightly earlier. However, we suggest that every mum waits inline with our guidelines (6 weeks after a natural delivery and 12 weeks after a caesarean section).

What happens if I can’t get GP clearance?

Unfortunately, not all GP’s will give a 6-8 week postnatal check up! However, you will need to sign a health declaration stating that you are fit, healthy and that you’ll be the required number of weeks postnatal by the start date. You must take full responsibility for your health when you join the Phase One program. Any health concerns must be stated on your submitted forms before the programme begins.

Any other questions?

If you can’t find an answer to your question, fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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