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Below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

We currently take payments online through the website using Stripe. If you are unable to pay via online, please contact Bodyfit Mums directly on 07772409276.

All our programmes have nutrition and diet education, with lots of recipes included but we do not provide tailored meal plans.

If no groups are showing it is because we are in the middle of a 6- week block. Be sure to register your interest to be notified when your preferred month is being released.

Absolutely not! Once postnatal always postnatal. Phase One is a perfect starting place for anyone who hasn’t exercised in a while or is recently postnatal.

There is a programme for everyone at BFM! BFM Lives are designed for anyone who wants to be challenged! Or why not check out our Bodyfit & Beyond pre recorded option

Absolutely, we recognise that sometimes life changes and what suited us a few weeks ago may not suit us going forward. Whether you joined through Zoom or through Face to Face you are more than welcome to join either option the next time round.

Yes, you can register your interest by filling in the form at the bottom of the homepage, Phase One page and upcoming groups page and the system will email you when a class is added that matches your requirements.

A full refund will be provided. You may then consider trying Bodyfit Mums at Home online programmes.

This can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

Children attending Bodyfit Mums are the Sole responsibility of the participant bringing them. This will include to ensure that all children stay within their designated area at all times.

We must comply with all of our centres own regulations in that classes may not be able to run until the centre is open again. Classes will be made up where possible to ensure the programme is completed.

We ask you not to attend class until you have been cleared and safe to attend. Again this is to ensure the safety of others. Where possible, classes can be made up.

We ask that you self isolate for the period of time you have been recommended to and not to attend class. This is to ensure the safety of our staff and other people attending the programmes. Where possible, classes can be made up.

The same T&C’s apply before Covid19, we cannot provide any refunds for missed classes. We will however try and accommodate missed classes where possible, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Unfortunately, not all GP’s will give a 6-8 week postnatal check up! However, you will need to sign a health declaration stating that you are fit, healthy and that you’ll be the required number of weeks postnatal by the start date. You must take full responsibility for your health when you join the Phase1 programme. Any health concerns must be stated on your submitted forms before the programme begins.

We strongly advise any mum to see their GP or specialist physiotherapist if they think they may have a pelvic organ prolapse. This is to ensure that they are properly diagnosed and managed appropriately. The programme is suitable for those who have mild-moderate prolapse with the focus on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. As always, exercises will be modified to suit individual needs as appropriate.

The programmes have been specifically designed to cater for mums who have DR. Modifications will be applied to suit every individual and their needs throughout both programmes. We highly recommend every mum to get a full Postnatal check by a women’s health physio!

Absolutely, we advise you to join either a face to face or zoom programme so that our coaches can see you and provide you with specific modifications.

The recordings will be made available for 2 weeks, this helps with accountability and making sure you don’t fall too far behind.

Yes, a light resistance band with handles, if you need to purchase one, please see our shop.

After checkout, you will be notified of the private Facebook page you must join in order to access the Live workouts.

As it is a Live stream to a private Facebook page, you are able to catch up on the workout on a day and time that suits you the best.

BFM Lives is a high intensity programme designed for ANYONE not just mums! Please note a level of fitness is required and this programme is NOT SUITABLE for recently postnatal.

The beauty of technology now, if you have a smart TV you can cast the session onto it and watch our coaches in full HD!

Yes provided you have been cleared to exercise.

Yes you will need, 2x light hand held weights (no more than 2.5kg)/ tins of beans/ water bottle etc and a pregnancy swiss ball.

We recommend that you wait until your first scan before joining the Prenatal programme. Register you interest for the block that may suit you.

After checkout, you will receive a form to complete whereby you choose between varied locations with specified times to collect a full body pump set.

During week4 of Phase1, the system will automatically notify you that Phase2 places are now available to purchase via your online account.

We are able to cater for more mums in our zoom programme, allowing us to take up to 24 mums in anyone group.

Yes, you will need a lightweight resistance band with handles! If you need to purchase a band please go to our shop.

No problem at all, we always record our sessions and send into your group afterwards. You can just catch up at a time that suits you!

The beauty of technology now, if you have a smart TV you can cast the session onto it and watch our coaches in full HD!

Three. Two sessions in class per week, one workout to do at home.

No, Phase1 is a pre requisite for Phase2. Phase2 we build on what we have learnt over the 6 weeks in Phase1.

Yes of course! Phase1 is specifically designed to cater for all fitness and ability levels, the programme gradually intensifies week by week. The programme includes a full technique session in week 1 to ensure everyone knows how to move safely and effectively. We will coach you through every move, every step of the way and we will always provide modifications for every mum at their own fitness level.

We keep the groups small to a maximum of 8. This enables the coaches to provide the one-to-one feel and also allows for friendships to happen in an environment that doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Phase1 is the perfect starting place for anyone who is starting their fitness journey or returning after having children. Whether you’re recently postnatal or whether your children are much older. Every mum is welcome!

To start with Phase1, the recommended guidelines are 6 weeks after natural delivery and 12 weeks after a caesarean with GP clearance

Currently we operate out of Portadown, Maghaberry, South Belfast and Armagh locations.

No, on rare occasions we may allow this but only when it has been discussed and approved by the respective coaches.

We will try to slot you into another group to make up a session if possible, however due to the progressive stages of the programme this may not always be possible. Zoom is now an alterative too.

Most definitely! Bodyfit Mums is a breastfeeding friendly zone and always will be! Babies need feeding so you can just join back in after they’ve finished!

Feel free to bring anything you need to keep the little ones entertained.

It is inevitable that at some point your baby will cry, we don’t expect them to be quiet for 6 weeks, so don’t panic! Our coaches are always on hand and we will be more than happy to help in order for you to get the most out of your workout.

Babies, toddlers and older kids are all welcome to come along. Bodyfit Mums enables you to participate in exercise programmes without worrying about childcare. You must inform Bodyfit Mums on the declaration forms (made available after checkout). Bodyfit Mums takes no responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of children throughout the programme.

No, it’s completely optional. The option is there to allow mums to be able to exercise without worrying about childcare, we do not incorporate the babies in our sessions.

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